Cherokee Nation Foundation Scholarship Policy

Cherokee Nation Foundation strives to motivate and empower Cherokee Nation students to achieve their higher education goals by providing knowledge, skills and financial resources essential for success. In addition, CNF offers competitive scholarships. Please read this policy in full to ensure all requirements and deadlines are met. Additional requirements may be outlined in each scholarship description.

To be eligible for a CNF scholarship, applicants must be enrolled full time and meet ALL deadlines detailed below– NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXTENSIONS WILL BE OFFERED.

Jan. 31 – Complete and submit the CNF scholarship application with all requirements.

June 3 – Complete the acceptance process through Academic Works and provide an updated transcript, proof of enrollment for the upcoming fall semester and a signed acceptance agreement.

Jan. 6 – Complete the acceptance process through Academic Works and provide an updated transcript and proof of enrollment for the upcoming spring semester.

To maintain eligibility for a CNF scholarship, students must meet the minimum GPA designated by their specific scholarship and be in good standing with the school they attend. If an enrolled student does not meet the requirements, they will be placed on CNF academic probation for one semester.

Students can still receive a scholarship while on CNF academic probation, so long as they meet all other requirements.

To renew a CNF scholarship, students must...

1. Ensure all records are updated and accurate in accordance with CNF application deadlines each year.

2. Maintain any GPA requirements specified in the scholarship award.

3. Remain in good standing with the university and be enrolled full time.

4. Sign the scholarship acceptance agreement each year.

Scholarship Award Information...

1. CNF scholarship amounts and award criteria are determined by each donor. Scholarship awards may change annually.

2. CNF scholarships are based on a student’s full-time enrollment.
a. Undergraduate: students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours each semester.
b. Graduate: students enrolled in six or more credit hours each semester.

3. CNF scholarship payments will be made directly to a student’s university account, unless otherwise indicated. Scholarship payments will be paid per semester upon verification of enrollment and completion of all requirements.

4. CNF scholarships cannot be used for summer enrollment.

5. CNF scholarship payments may be delayed at the student’s request for academic or personal reasons for up to one academic year. Examples include, but are not limited to, study abroad, military service, internships, medical or family emergencies, etc. Students are required to notify CNF before payments are made to the university. Failure to notify CNF may result in the loss of scholarship, pending CNF review.

Scholarship Appeal Process

To file an appeal, students must contact CNF Executive Director Janice Randall.

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