Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for a scholarship?
Applications open Nov. 1 and close Jan. 31.
Can I still receive CNF scholarships if I receive the Cherokee Nation College Resources (CNCR) Undergraduate scholarship?
Yes, you can still apply for CNF scholarships if you are receiving funding from CNCR and other organizations.
How do I apply for CNF scholarships?
Please visit and sign up to begin the online application.
Do I need to complete the general application on Academic Works?
Yes, the website will not match you to any opportunities without the general application being completed and submitted.
How do I know which scholarships I qualify for?
After you complete the general application, the online system will match you to all the recommended opportunities available to you. You will then apply for each opportunity and answer any additional questions.
Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes, you can apply for all the recommended opportunities on your account.
How do I know the amounts of each scholarship?
The award amounts vary year to year. If you are selected as a recipient, you will be sent an award letter with the scholarship amount.
How many people apply for CNF scholarships?
The number of applicants vary each year.
When will I know if I received a scholarship?
The exact date of notification varies, but we do our best to notify as soon as possible in the spring.
Do you offer scholarships for trade schools or vo-techs?
Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships to trade schools or vo-techs.